Our Services

Bringing You Elevated Medical Care — Any Time, Anywhere!

From specific medical treatments to general wellness care, ELEMED™ offers a seamless and hassle-free luxury medical experience to all of our patients. We deliver hands-on, innovative care anywhere you are via our state-of-the-art medical vans. Our patients receive quality, affordable healthcare right to their door — avoiding long waiting times and exposure to other illnesses in crowded waiting rooms.  You can easily book through our website and soon through our mobile app to connect with our board doctors in real-time. Our EHR technology allows for easy access to medical records, prescription medication refills, and other essential or aesthetic medical and wellness services.  Take control of your health to feel better, faster!

Why Choose ELEMED™ ?

State-of-the-Art App and Mobile Medical Vans

Our patients receive elevated urgent or primary care and aesthetic medical services on demand through our geo-centric mobile app whenever and wherever they want it.

Get Premium Quality Medical Care

First class amenities, hands-on healthcare by registered nurses & a live telehealth consultation with our board-certified physicians in the comfort of your home or the privacy of a state-of-the-art, mobile doctor’s office.

Eliminate Unnecessary Exposure to Airborne Illnesses

No more cramming into packed waiting rooms filled with sick people. Our patients wait in the safety of their own home or office for fully equipped private, luxury vans to arrive.

ELEMED™ offers a wide range of  medical services

We do house calls for urgent, primary and aesthetic care from the comfort of your office, hotel, or home.

Urgent and Primary Care

No more appointment delays or waiting rooms. We come to where you are when you need us for all your urgent and primary medical care needs.

IV Therapy Care

Instantly replenish your body with better absorption of essential fluids, vitamins, and antioxidants to recover, boost or simply help you feel like yourself again.

After Your Visits

For any visit, whether it’s for a routine check-up or a more complex medical issue, our patients can stay connected to ask follow up questions at no additional charge for up to 2 days after their telehealth appointment.


We understand that sometimes, a follow-up question or concern may arise after an appointment, and it can be frustrating not to have the option to connect with your healthcare medical professional. At ELEMED™, we are committed to providing the highest quality of care to all of our patients and we believe that healthcare is not just about treating an illness or an injury – it’s about building a relationship of trust and support with our patients during their health journey.