ELEMED™ Urgent and Primary Care

*A 3% Convenience Charge will be added to the $495 Appointment Charge Order in your cart.  Additional

services and supply charges may apply depending on Doctor’s recommendation for treatment.

Urgent Care

Our certified medical providers can help treat any injuries and illness. From sprains & strains to colds & flus, we are here to help.


Wellness Screenings

Make an appointment for routine health screenings at the time and place that’s convenient for you.


Prescription Management

Enjoy our quick and easy prescription refills and transfers. We also provide or can prescribe the short term medications that can help you feel better, fast.


Seasonal Vaccines & Immunizations

We offer a variety of immunizations and vaccines, from the seasonal flu and CoVid-19 to travel vaccine requirements.


Lab Testing Services

ELEMED™ offers a comprehensive array of certified lab testing services and provides the accurate results you need quickly.


EKG, Ultrasounds & Diagnostics

We provide urgent medical diagnostic services such as virtual ultrasound recording, electrocardiograms and more.


Your 3-Step Path to Urgent and Primary Care


Choose Your Care

Select your desired service care in under 3 minutes from our range of options tailored to your needs.


Concierge Care Confirmation

Our dedicated Concierge Care Specialist will promptly contact you to confirm your appointment, ensuring seamless coordination.


Delivery whenever & Wherever

Sit back and relax as we deliver your service care directly to your office, hotel, or home, prioritizing your comfort and convenience.

You ask, we answer

Explore our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to learn more about ELEMED™.
ELEMED™ offers a wide range of medical services, from IV therapy care, specific treatments to general wellness care. Our board-certified medical professionals deliver hands-on, innovative care directly to you through our state-of-the-art medical vans.
ELEMED™ offers a range of urgent care services to address your immediate healthcare needs. From minor injuries to sudden illnesses, our team of healthcare professionals is equipped to provide prompt and efficient care right at your doorstep.
We prioritize convenience and safety by bringing quality, affordable healthcare to your doorstep. With ELEMED™, you can avoid long waiting times and exposure to other illnesses in crowded waiting rooms. Our booking page allows for easy booking, and our medical vans equipped with advanced technology ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience.
ELEMED™ offers accessible healthcare services that empower you to prioritize your well-being conveniently. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional medical appointments as our team assists you in achieving better health, whether through IV therapy care, specific treatments or general wellness care.

Don’t wait for healthcare, book with ELEMED™ now! With easy online booking and services available from 6 am to Midnight, you can access top-quality medical care whenever you need it. Say goodbye to long waits and inconvenient appointments – schedule with us today for fast, convenient, and expert healthcare at your fingertips.